Community Engagement

Community engagement, patient outreach and education are all key components of effective stakeholder relations for regional hospitals, public health departments, and community clinics.  Impact4Health brings unique expertise in order to address diverse patient populations and their unique concerns for quality care.  We partner with your senior leadership team and public relations staff to design a full range of solutions that support effective dialog, issue management, and strategic planning. Some of the activities we have been asked to support include: 

Community Advisory Councils Development

Impact4Health partners with institutions to identify key sectors of a community that need to be engaged in patient education, community programs or key issue management.  Once members of your advisory council are identified, we will provide on-boarding support to insure participants have productive meetings and address community concerns.  In addition we provide on going meeting facilitation and strategic planning. 

Focus Group and Survey Design

In order to understand key concerns or design new services, Impact4Health can conduct focus groups and open forums to capture key ideas among your patient population or staff.  We also have the ability to provide an on-line secure link for completing surveys in multiple languages.   

Task Force Development  and Management

Impact4Health can support your need for a Task Force designed to address specific community concerns.  We are able to research a broad range of issues for task force members, present data as needed and to facilitate productive sessions.