The Inclusive Leader Workshop

The Inclusive Leader Workshop is a facilitator lead session that draws a link between inclusion, engagement, productivity, retention and health equity. It can be offered as an independent half day or full day workshop or as part of an internal Leadership Academy. Participants complete the Inclusive Leader self-profile prior to attending and receive a 30 page interpretive guide featuring key ways to develop the 12 competencies of an inclusive leader. The facilitator lead workshop emphasizes vignettes or case studies that can be applied to both clinical and administrative staff.

The Inclusive Leader 360 Executive Program

The Inclusive Leader Executive Program combines coaching, self-guided exercises and facilitator lead leader dialogues that are managed over the course of a 3 month time line of activities. This is a comprehensive program intended to develop awareness of unconscious bias, privilege and social inequities that influence a leader’s role on driving quality of care.

Creating Your Health Equity Playbook: Introduction to the Inclusion Scorecard for Population Health

The Healing Edge

The Healing Edge™ is a team based intervention designed to build and reinforce healthcare team effectiveness and resilience that foster coordinated care.  This facilitator lead and e-learning program elevates the role that collaborative and inclusive interactions between nurses, physicians, physician assistants and others can play in patient satisfaction and outcomes.  Participants learn the importance of clarifying roles, communicating effectively, and reducing hierarchies that interfere with collaboration and coordinated care.  When breakdowns in health care delivery take place, participants are encouraged to follow the STATT™ Model (Stop, Think, Ask, Target, and Track) for addressing concerns.