The Healing Edge

The Healing Edge™ is a team based intervention designed to build and reinforce healthcare team effectiveness and resilience that foster coordinated care.  This facilitator lead and e-learning program elevates the role that collaborative and inclusive interactions between nurses, physicians, physician assistants and others can play in patient satisfaction and outcomes.  Participants learn the importance of clarifying roles, communicating effectively, and reducing hierarchies that interfere with collaboration and coordinated care.  When breakdowns in health care delivery take place, participants are encouraged to follow the STATT™ Model (Stop, Think, Ask, Target, and Track) for addressing concerns. 

Program Format

The Healing Edge™ engages participants in three facilitator lead sessions complimented by five 15 minute on-line micro learning modules over the course of three months.  The entire series of trainings are designed around a health care team case study that illustrates the learning concepts being presented in this unique program.  

Intended Audience

This program is designed for in-tact clinical teams in hospitals, caregivers in skilled nursing facilities, or clinical staff in medical offices.  Team leaders and staff participate together in each of the program sessions and receive this training together as part of their regular team meetings.  E-learning modules are completed independently. 

Key Learning Topics Addressed

  • Key challenges facing health care teams in the wake of demographic changes in the US and health care reform
  • Effective team collaboration for quality care outcomes
  • Health care team excellence involves Communication, Respect, Coordination and Engaging Differences with empathy
  • Solving communication breakdowns  through STATT™

Target Outcomes

  •  Reduce medical errors
  •  Improve healthcare outcomes
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improve employee retention
  • Improve health care team resilience